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  • Can we receive HD quality signals from TV stations using TurboTVSystems antenna installations ?

    Yes, you will be able to enjoy free digital high definition television programming with the use of a digital antenna. The picture quality is also better with the OTA or over the air reception using an antenna when compared to cable or satellite. Most HDTV broadcasts include 5,1 digital surround sound broadcast

  • How many stations or channels can I get with my antenna

  • Depending on your specific location it will vary, but for example in the Los Angeles area there are now 81 channels and sub channels of digital broadcast.

  • Are there any foreign language channels available

  • Yes numerous channels in different channels are available and being added all the time at present there are Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Armenian and others ALL FREE

    Can your installation support multiple TV’s in different rooms ?

    Yes, you can connect multiple TV's to the antenna and be watching different channels It can also support PIP if your TV is capable of that option

    Can we buy your antenna and install it ourselves ?

    Sure, you can buy an antenna from us to install yourself and you can order custom length preconnectorized cables for your project, or we can install the best antenna for your specific location and application for your Home, Office or Business.